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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensations Claims in New Jersey

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workers compensation Lawyer NJ | The Law Offices of Edward V. MurachanianEvery day, workers in varying fields are injured on the job throughout New Jersey. The injuries can range from small accidents requiring little rehabilitation to lifelong conditions demanding ongoing treatment. Workers compensation benefits are set up by employers to help persons injured on the job; unfortunately the benefits are low and rarely enough for many workers to live on.

When a worker suffers injuries either from a single on-the-job accident or through repeated exposure to damaging forces pertaining to his/her work environment, then he/she may be eligible for workers’ compensation coverage (independent contractors are not eligible). If you have been hurt on the job, then you are entitled to recovery & should seek a personal injury attorney.

Types of Benefits You May Receive Through Workers Compensation

The benefits you may receive through workers’ comp may be divided into five broad categories:

1. Medical Care – This covers any medical treatment you receive for your injury.

2. Temporary Disability – If your injury requires you to take time off of work, this will cover a portion of your lost wages.

3. Permanent Disability – Your injury may cause you to be debilitated for the long term. If so, this will provide financial support for you and your family.

4. Supplemental Job Displacement – If your injury has taken away your ability to perform your old job, then you may receive training for a new job through this benefit.

5. Death – If you lose your life due to a job-site accident, your family may receive financial aid through this benefit.

My law firm has many years of experience in the Workers Compensation court and is very capable and willing to represent your interest so that you receive a fair award. If you are injured, while on the job, and other parties caused the accident, then we will aggressively pursue a claim against them as well.

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