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Theft Crimes in NJ

theft crimesTheft is the act of taking another person’s property without permission. New Jersey has strict penalties associated with all types of theft crimes, regardless of the cost associated with the property. If you have been charged with theft you should seek the aid of a seasoned criminal defense attorney like Edward. V. Murachanian. With more than 34 years in criminal defense experience Mr. Murachanian will work hard to help you avoid the penalties associated with a theft charge.

By law, in New Jersey, a person can be convicted of theft even if the property was not actually taken from one place to another. It is adequate enough if the property is moved from its original location, or if the defendant only exercised unlawful control over it.

Persons accused of theft; charges including shoplifting, theft by deception and theft by unlawful taking; may face serious penalties including incarceration, fines, and probation. The Law Office of Edward V. Murachanian understands the consequences of theft convictions and are prepared to help you defend your rights and freedoms.

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