Powdered Alcohol In today’s society, people have numerous options if they want to become intoxicated by alcohol, including liquor, beer, wine, and more. However, certain companies believed that the wide variety of alcoholic beverages was not enough and that people should have a more convenient and perhaps inconspicuous way to become intoxicated. Enter powdered alcohol, otherwise known as “Palcohol,” which is a powdered substance you can add to water or soda to become drunk. While the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau initially gave approval for the manufacture and sale of Palcohol, the agency later took back the approval after realizing certain potential risks of the substance. In addition, many states–including New Jersey–passed laws banning the sale, purchase, and possession of Palcohol within state lines.

However, like any other type of illegal substance, it is likely people in New Jersey will find a way to get their hands on and use Palcohol. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the possible risks that may accompany Palcohol use.

First, unlike counting drinks to estimate blood alcohol content (BAC)–which is in itself not always accurate–it can be much more difficult to measure your level of intoxication when using Palcohol. People can easily ingest too much and, not realizing their intoxication level, attempt to drive home. This can lead to law enforcement arresting you and determining through a blood test that your BAC is much higher than the legal limit. This can result in DUI charges and a possible conviction with serious consequences.

In addition, there is particular concern regarding Palcohol and underage intoxication and DUI. Alcohol in powdered form can be easier to conceal for underage individuals and they can use it with more ease than trying to obtain alcoholic beverages. If a minor is at a concert or another event, they can order a soda and simply add the powder to become drunk. Furthermore, inexperienced drinkers often have a harder time recognizing their limits and may be tempted to add Palcohol to already alcoholic beverages for faster and more intense effects. This can easily lead to underage drunk driving arrests or accidents.

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