Important Tips To Know About Wills in New Jersey

What is a will?

A will in New Jersey is a type of legal document that will specify how your estate and property are distributed after your death.

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Tips For Wills

  1. With a will, you get to pick your executor. This person will make sure that all the terms of your will carry out the way you want them to.
  2. Any assets or real estate can be left to people or organizations. When you create a will, you decide whom your assets get dispersed to.
  3. If you have children and they are minors, in your will you can designate a personal guardian, that you trust, to manage property left for your children.
  4. In New Jersey, you need to sign your will in front of two witnesses. In addition to signing in front of them, they need to sign your will as well. Your New Jersey Will Attorney can sign the will as a witness.
  5. If you die without a will, NJ’s intestacy law gives your property to your closest relatives. Your closest relatives begin with your spouse and children. If you do not have a spouse or children, your parent or your grandchildren will receive your property.


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