New Jersey Expungement Law Update

For those of you with a criminal record, there is great news to report.  New Jersey has liberalized its expungement laws to allow more people to obtain an expungement.  The expungement process allows you to “legally lie” and tell your future employers that you do not have a prior record.  The law used to be very strict and limited to only a few circumstances.  There has been a recent trend in New Jersey to allow more prior offenses to be included in those which can be expunged.

Effective October 1, 2018, New Jersey initiated several important changes.  Those include the following:

  • Six-year waiting period. The prior waiting period was ten years and now has been reduced to six years.  Individuals can still apply for a five-year expungement.
  • More convictions can now be expunged. Disorderly/petty disorderly persons (misdemeanors) can now have up to four prior convictions expunged.
  • If a person has been convicted of a crime (felony), the new changes in the law allow for the number of disorderly/petty disorderly persons convictions to be three instead of two.
  • A prior PTI does not prevent you from getting an expungement. New Jersey’s prior law said that if you had a PTI you could not have any future felonies or disorderly persons expenses expunged. That law has now been amended to allow for such expungements.
  • The old law said that if you still owed fines you could not get an expungement. The new law allows for such.
  • Crime spree exception. The old law said that only one felony conviction can be expunged.  Under the new law, if those felonies occurred at the same time and with a result of the same conviction, they can be expunged.
  • Juvenile offenses can now be expunged after three years instead of five years.


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