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Juvenile Court Defense

Defending the Rights of Those Charged with Juvenile Crimes in NJ

juvenile crimesAs a former Assistant Ocean County Prosecutor, who handled juvenile crimes cases, and as an attorney in private practice who has handled juvenile cases, for over 34 years, Edward V. Murachanian, Esq. is fully familiar with the Juvenile Court System. The law Office of Edward V. Murachanian takes a very compassionate and understanding approach with juvenile defendants. I also seek to counsel juvenile defendants and their family in dealing with the issues that have caused them to be in the juvenile court system in the first place. In many cases I have been successful, in my counseling, to have the family try to resolve the tensions that exist and to help the family come through this in a better way.

Even though this is “just juvenile” court, I take these cases very seriously. The juvenile defendants’ record will follow him/her for the rest of his/her life, therefore I aggressively defend my juvenile clientele so that the damage, if any, to his/her record, is minimal.

Fortunately, the goal of the Juvenile Court System is different from the adult court system. The Juvenile Court System is designed to rehabilitate. Through my extensive experience, I am able to work with the juvenile defendant, his/her family, and the court system to have the accused rehabilitated. Many times I am successful in having the charges dismissed, provided the juvenile defendant stays out of trouble for a probationary period.

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