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Homicide Charges Lawyer NJ | The Law Offices of Edward V. MurachanianOne of the most serious violent crimes you can be charged with is Homicide (the taking of a life by another human being), which includes the crimes of murder, manslaughter, and death by auto. If you have been charged with any of these crimes DO NOT talk to the police, instead invoke your right to counsel and call and experienced attorney like Edward V. Murachanian immediately. In his 34 years of criminal defense, Edward V. Murachanian has successfully represented defendants in the Courts of New Jersey.

Often the terms murder and homicide are used interchangeably, but they are different charges and can carry very different penalties. Murder implies intent to kill, while homicide refers to the killing of another person. Though they appear similar, homicide can happen accidentally.


What Happens When You Face A Homicide Charge?

A conviction for murder or manslaughter will result in the Court sentencing you to a very long period of incarceration-potentially life in prison. The typical bail range for a client charged with Murder ranges from $250k to $1,000,000.00 and the prosecutor will be asking for a source of funds hearing. This means that before a formal bail motion is heard you need to be gathering the information needed by your defense lawyer to argue for a bail to be set on the lower range of this range.

The possible defense for a homicide charge includes insanity and self-defense. Claiming self-defense is possible if the defendant can demonstrate that his/her actions were reasonable and were necessary to save his/her life.


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*Please note the statute of limitations does not apply to any homicide offense except death by auto.