20,000 DUI Convictions Reversed in New Jersey

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The New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled that approximately 20,000 DUI convictions out of Ocean, Monmouth, and Middlesex Counties should be overturned. This is based upon allegations against a Trooper Dennis, who filed false certifications that the alcohol machine was properly calibrated. The Court ruled that this called into question all of the cases that he handled between 2008 and 2016.

This case came about when an individual, after learning that Trooper Dennis falsified the reports, moved to reopen her case in Spring Lake Municipal Court. The Supreme Court sent the case to a “Special Master,” who determined that the Officer’s omissions, raised “substantial doubts” about the reliability of the machines. The New Jersey Supreme Court agreed with its “Special Master” and ruled that the breath testing results were inadmissible as evidence.

That means that the police should not have used the breath test results to convict individuals in those counties on those dates. This does not mean that all of the cases can be reversed because sometimes the police can prove its DUI case based upon the Officer’s observations of the individual.

If you have been convicted, you may have already paid your fine and served your suspension. It is still worthwhile checking into this matter. An Attorney would have to make a Motion in the Municipal Court to have your conviction overturned. Based on the evidence in the case, it may result in your conviction being reversed. Even if nothing else, you will not have that DUI on your record. Click to see full article.


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